Madison River

Madison River Fly Fishing 

A description of what float fly fishing, wade or combo float/wade fishing can be on the Madison River. What the character of the Madison River is like and some of the things we can expect to see and experience. Lunches, beverages and all the tackle needed for fishing the Madison are included with guide services. Check here for Rates on Madison River guided trips.


Parked for lunch during a guided float trip in the MacAtee section of the Madison River near Ennis Montana

Float Fishing or Drift Fishing

A  drift boat is my primary watercraft when float fishing. Occasionally I will use a raft when warranted.  Float fly fishing the Madison is an experience everyone should try at least once. Personally I love it, I believe float fishing the Madison River to be one of the truly great experiences in modern fly fishing. A lot of what I love about it and why I think its on par with all other fly fishing pursuits is how I fish it. Or at least how I would like to fish it and how I have learned to teach others to fish it. Dry fly fishing from the drift boat is at the heart of this and is by no means the only way to fish it. I do believe it to be one of the more enjoyable and skilled forms of drift fishing.  Streamer fishing, nymph fishing and everything in between has its place on the Madison. Some are just plain easier ways to catch fish when conditions are right and thats why they are good techniques for certain situations. I have built a career on making better anglers out of the folks who spend time in my boat and ,as I learned from the guides before me, dry fly fishing is at the core of this.  Certain water conditions and times of year can dictate how we fish as much as insect hatches and trout do. Float fishing allows us to cover more water on a given day. Covering water gives us a few advantages over being on foot. It allows to float into sections that are fishing better. Certain angling opportunities exist at different times of day. Float fishing also gives us the ability to spread ourselves out from other anglers. That doesn't mean we will not see other anglers but that we can all have the space to pursue the wild trout that inhabit the Madison in our own way. Check Rates Here

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Fighting a fish in a side channel of the Madison River. Ennis, Montana

Wade Fishing

Wade fishing the Madison River can offer an equally rewarding albeit different way to experience the river. With many miles of public access, being bounded by public lands, and with access protected under Montana Stream Access Law it is equally home to the wading angler. Wading is a great way to explore any particular location or region of the Madison River more intimately.  It tends to be a little slower paced than approaching the river via drift fishing and can allow for a more thorough observation of the what surrounds you. Stalking the shores of the Madison River can  offer some great moments and rewards for anglers. Sight fishing and spotting fish feeding are all possible. Along with being able to focus on a particular hatch or a particular fish. Some times when wade fishing we will fish multiple spot throughout the day to see the variety the Madison River has to offer. Check Rates Here

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Wade fishing the Madison River on a guided float fishing trip near Ennis Montana

Float/Wade Combo

A little like the title to this section implies. A bit of the above two varied scenarios wrapped up into one. We might do this by design or we might add some wade fishing to a float trip from necessity of the conditions. I think its good for new anglers that will be fishing on their own to spend some time wade fishing on trips to get strategies that will help them fish the river at other times. This can be a great spring and fall/winter strategy for the Madison River. Check Rates Here

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