Madison River

Madison River Fly Fishing and Spin Fishing


The Madison River is one of Montana's and the nations finest fisheries. It is also the river that we call home. Ennis, Montana is on the banks of the Madison River and for over 20 years this is the water that we fish most frequently. And for good reason. The Madison River flows from its beginnings inside Yellowstone National Park some 183 miles to the its confluence with the Jefferson and Gallatin Rivers to form the Missouri River. The Madison River is often referred to as the 100 mile riffle and while not totally accurate it does help convey the fact that there is just endless amount of good holding water for trout.

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Parked for lunch during a guided float fishing trip in the MacAtee section of the Madison River near Ennis Montana

Madison River Float Fishing

Float fishing the Madison River is an absolutely amazing experience. We might be a bit biased as the Madison River is our home waters here in Ennis, Montana. I am not sure that a better river could be designed for using a drift boat to float fish. The Madison's generally shallow nature lends perfectly to dry fly fishing, streamer fishing or nymph fishing from a drift boat. Dry fly fishing is by far our favorite as we live and work on a river perfectly suited to the task. The Madison Rivers open nature and numerous rocks and boulders create a seemingly endless amount of good holding water that is well suited for beginners to start learning fly fishing as well as offer challenges to those more advanced anglers looking to test their skills. If you are just getting started or are looking for a particular challenge contact us to book your next Madison River adventure. We take pride in teaching anglers the tactics and tips for successfully fly fishing from a drift boat. If you don't fly fish we are happy to accommodate spin fishing anglers as well.

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Fighting a fish in a side channel of the Madison River. Ennis, Montana

Madison River Wade Fishing

If float fishing is not for you or you would like to change things up a little during a trip to the Madison River consider wade fishing as an option. This is a great way to approach the river. Although we can not cover as much water as we can with a drift boat we can spend more time fishing a particular section or spot along the river. This is a bit more intimate way to approach the river and is great for those who will be doing more wade fishing during their stay in the Madison Valley. In the winter and spring it sometimes essential for success to slow down, wade fish and present a fly more times or even slower. Much of the Madison River is very accessible for both beginners and advanced anglers. We pride ourselves on teaching anglers of all skill levels the tools and tactics for successfully wade fishing the Madison River.

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