75 degrees warmer than it three days ago

75 degrees warmer than it three days ago

Hebgen Dam 910cfs

Kirby Place 971cfs

Varney Bridge 1050cfs

Lower Madison 1470cfs

Thats not really true. It was as cold as -32 a few nights ago in places around the madison valley and I believe it got to about 41 or 42 degrees today. Almost flip flop weather if not for the 3 feet of snow in the yard. Big change and hint of what is to come. Although it can take old man Winter a while to leave some years. He may show up late to the party  but sometimes he doesn’t want to leave. Having a good time is my guess.

All the snow that he brought with him is welcome as always. Fake complaining aside it is never bad to have snow on the valley floor and more in the mountains if you like fishing the greater Yellowstone area in the summer.

Many of the boat ramps are still out of commission due to gorge ice all the way up past 8 Mile Ford FAS. The ice really moved quick once those temps got into the -20s constantly.  Others are drifted due to snow. I will get a better look at them again tomorrow when I do ramp recon.  

Looking south from the 8 Mile Ford FAS overlook on the Madison River. Ennis Montana

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