New Addition!

New Addition!

It is still cold here in Ennis Montana and although we have had some mild temperatures and a good snow year winter is still hanging on. As I begin to put everything in order for the upcoming season I am excited about one new addition in particular. The upgraded lake boat.

Ennis lake has always been an option from the drift boats but was always a bit sketchy when the wind started to pick up. Now that is not really a problem. Even though we tend to loose the great dry fly fishing when the water takes on a bit of chop the leech, nymph and streamer fishing can still be quite good once the afternoon winds pick up.

This new addition also opens up many of the other lakes around southwest Montana as well as the opportunity for some spring bass and pike fishing. I am really looking forward to exploring more of our great state has to offer. I will keep you updated with what I find out there. As much as I am looking forward to getting back rowing down the Madison River I am excited about ice out on our local lakes including Hebgen Lake and Quake Lake.

Launching the new rig on Quake Lake.

As for the fishing around here on the Madison. It had been consistent and as with most winter fishing I have found various nymph rigs to be the most consistent. There have been very good midge hatches allowing for an opportunity to get in some dry fly fishing.

Contact us if you’d like to get out and fish the Madison or any of our area lakes this spring.

Thanks for checking in.

Brian Rosenberg

Montana Fish Man

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