Showing off a beautiful rainbow trout caught on a recent guided fly fishing trip on the Madison River near Ennis Montana.

Madison River Fishing Report 7/19/19 among other things

Madison River Fishing Report 7/19/19 among other things

Hebgen Dam 1150cfs

Old Kirby Place 1360cfs

Varney Bridge 1720cfs

Lower Madison 2060cfs

I haven’t been anywhere else. So this is the only report I have. If you want to know how the Ruby River is fishing you should go check it out. I would love to hear how it is. I love that little river. I also love fly fishing the Madison River. On the flip side I can’t say that I hate river reports. But I do avoid writing them. At least I try and do as little as I can possibly get away without it not being updated and just completely out of date. Below you may find some useful information, or you may not.

There’s lots of busy people around Ennis, Montana right now. This town knows how to work. I like that. There’s something gratifying about hard work. Work in general when I think about it. Working at a passion is even better. Taking pride in something and owning it. I am very fortunate to be able to do that this time of year and it gives me a ton of joy. Thinking about all of this I tend toward pondering about everyone else around town working their butts off. Thanks to everyone for that. Thanks for a beer with a smile. Thanks for a friendly conversation in the morning or evening at the store. Thanks for a friendly smile picking up lunches and slice of coffee cake. Thanks for an early shuttle when the hail and lighting are dropping from the sky. Thanks for enthusiastic help in the shop in the mornings.

What’s happening here. Is this a river report or what. Have I mentioned I dislike these. All kidding aside. It’s changed a good deal out there. Water volume is still up for the year but falling. From almost 1900 at Varney Bridge to what it is now. I love the extra water. It will likely continue to fall as we get deeper into summer. The river is fairly mossy down from McAtee bridge. One of the reasons I love fishing dries in the summer. Less moss slime. I dislike moss as much as River reports. I like river reports more. Sunny high pressure will be a nice little change from all the electrical storms over the past couple weeks. Although they’re great for the hatches.

With salmonflies gone from the main body of the upper Madison fishing seems to be getting a bit more consistent. I love fishing the big bug but I really like when fish are on normal hatches the rest of the summer. Doesn’t matter if it’s little nymph to mimic all the various insects or dry flys. Fish are on little bugs again. At least until Nocturnal Stoneflies start hatching. Saw a few shucks above town today. Nocturnal what? The summer stone or short wing stonefly. They are somewhat to very photophobic. I’ll get their scientific name next time around. And a pic. Back to hatches. Caddis, PMDs, various small Sally Stones, some lesser green drakes and more are available just about every day and fish are feeding well. We could talk about what flies to use but you know what I’ll say. Prince’s, various Chubbies, you’re favorite pmd that you can float and see, same with Caddis, or yellow sallies, pheasant tails and hares ears, don’t forget about soft hackles and Caddis pupa. Those jiggy flies make good dry droppers. Always a good setup. That fly thing doesn’t change much for me.

I am also starting to see all the 4-7 and 8-10 inch fish show up in greater numbers and that makes for busy fishing some days and more consistent bite overall. Poking around and fishing sneaky spots has resulted in locating some great fish lately. Several break offs, a cut leader getting run around the back of the boat, cartwheeling fish that come unbuttoned and clinched up grips leading to straightened rods and snapped off fish. Yup I’ve been finding some nice fish out there. It’s been lots of fun. I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

I think there’s a fishing report in there somewhere.

Keep your tip up!

Brian Rosenberg

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