Female salmonfly with eggs getting ready to take flight over the Madison River near Ennis, Montana.

Madison River Report 6/24/19

Madison River Report 6/24/19

Hebgen Dam 830 cfs

Old Kirby Place 1180 cfs

Varney Bridge 1700 cfs

Lower Madison 2010 cfs

With dropping flows and clearing water conditions the Madison River is in great shape. Even with some new snow on the first day summer runoff is over and on its way out here in the Madison Valley. We may see water levels rise a little as Hebgen Lake fills up and dam flows increase. That’s not likely to adversely affect things at this point.

With warming water temperatures we are seeing lots of bug activity on the river. Numerous Caddis species, some PMDs and I’ve even seen birds get the first couple salmonflies above Ennis. With clearing conditions and falling water levels the dry fly fishing had gotten better by the day. We are even starting to see some larger fish up to patterns that represent both Caddis and mayflies. With larger stoneflies in the way the Madison is in for a bountiful couple of months.

As for the big bugs it’s still a few days away from really getting rolling. The birds are waiting, the fish are waiting and the anglers are waiting for them and they will soon be here to deliver some of our most exciting dry fly fishing of the year.

Get ready. It’s coming and we are all ready.

Keep your tip up!

Brian Rosenberg

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